UIAGM badge
Every legitimate guide working in Europe must be wearing one of these.

Mark Seaton, internationally certified mountain guide, is a member of both the French and the British Mountain Guides Associations. He has permanently lived in and guided out of Chamonix for over 30 years, climbing and skiing with people from all walks of life, ranging from small children, to people who have climbed the 7 Summits (the highest peak on each continent).

“The fascinating part of my job is that each client is unique in that they all have completely different mountaineering ambitions. For example, I was the first mountain guide to lead a blind man – with no mountaineering experience whatsoever – to the summit of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in western Europe. On the other hand, I am also one of the few mountain guides in the world to have led a client up the difficult North Face of the Eiger.

Mark Seaton

Mark is also the author of the successful Mark the Mountain Guide children’s books published in the UK, USA and France. He is an engaging public speaker, and a mountain safety consultant for TV and film.