Equipment for Hut Trips

Equipment for Hut Trips: Wet Ones

When a climbing or skiing itinerary stretches to more than a single day, we will stay in mountain huts. This is the kit you will need for hut trips, in addition to your skiing or climbing equipment.

Sheet liner

These are sometimes called sleeping bag liners or travel sheets. More and more huts are stating these are obligatory. It goes without saying that it needs to be as light as possible. So, silk used to be the only sensible option, but the Silkrafox synthetic bag is light and compact, too. Try to get an extra-large one that is box-shaped as opposed to mummy-shaped, otherwise you’ll end up having an even worse night’s sleep and end up in the morning trussed up, well, like a mummy.

Ear Plugs

Possibly the most important bit of kit on the list. Spare no expense: get the best money can buy. Have a look at Quiesthey specialize in keeping people asleep.

Wash kit?

Depends on you? A flannel and a small bit of soap could be an idea. Plus maybe a mini deodorant + toothbrush (no family sized pack of tooth paste). There is no or very little running water in the mountain huts. All the water has to be melted from snow and purchased. Consequently, there is virtually no opportunity to wash. So, don’t consider carrying a real towel, shower gel, razors etc. It is for this reason that the inclusion of “Wet Ones” in your kit are recommended. They have been known to take on a form of currency between group members.


This one, of course! Make sure it’s light, in both senses.

Hut shoes

All the mountain huts we’ll use have “hut clogs”; it is therefore not necessary to carry an extra pair of shoes.